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Huktra (UK) Limited is under new ownership after becoming part of the Harnage Group of companies.

We are an international logistics company specialising in providing door-to-door services for the movement of liquids in bulk.  Use is made of deep sea shipping, cross channel ferry, inland waterway, rail and road taking into account cost, efficiency, environment, reliability, safety and speed considerations.

Many of the world’s largest chemical, petrochemical pharmaceutical and food companies rely on us for deliveries of both hazardous and non-hazardous bulk liquids on both a contract and non-contract basis.

Customer care is a deeply held philosophy running throughout the company.

We operate a fleet of our own liveried trucks, operating up to 44 tonnes gross weight, fitted with compressors and /or pumps that are manned only by our full time personnel, who have completed our driver training course.

We have a team of professional experts with the knowledge, skills and experience to be a desirable integrated logistics partner.  A strength of our company is bespoke, creative solutions that add value and meet customers’ individual requirements.