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Established in 1981, we are a leading European Bulk Liquid Intermodal Transport Company specialising in the movement of both hazardous and non-hazardous bulk liquids for a wide range of sectors across the UK and Europe using our own fleet of tank containers and vehicles.

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Chemicals & Solvents

We have invested in new, larger tanks allowing us to maximise payload and move bulk chemicals and solvents as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.  We are trusted by many of the major chemical manufacturers to move their products safely and reliably.  Our fleet includes vehicles with pumps to ensure the safe discharge of product, all operated at ground level.  We have the capacity to handle regular, large contract work as well as ad hoc transportation for companies of all sizes.  All of our drivers are highly trained and reliable, ensuring deliveries get where they need to be safely and on time.

Oils & Lubricants

We have a fleet of various sized tanks allowing us to accommodate different density products and load products to a safe level for transportation. Maximising the capacity of our tank containers is more cost-effective for our customers and our different sized tanks have some of the lowest TARE weights in the industry.   We have the option of delivering using a pump or a compressor. With a broad customer base, we have experience of working with companies of all sizes, on both regular contracts as well as one-off orders. We have an excellent safety record and a team of experienced drivers to make deliveries securely and reliably.

Waste Liquids

We have a Waste Carrier Licence which allows us to offer reliable and safe transportation of waste liquids on behalf of our customers in line with industry standards, procedures and regulations. Our tanker fleet is capable of  transporting and discharging a wide range of waste liquids and its varied fleet size allows us to maximise payload and transport the liquids safely. Whether you need a regular waste liquid collection or an ad hoc service for site clearance or decommissioning work, we have the experience to meet your needs. Our service is also designed to ensure that all of our customers remain compliant when moving their hazardous waste.


We are experienced in the transportation of biodiesel and have bulk liquid tank containers that are fully equipped to move this product. We understand that it is important to maintain the quality and integrity of the biodiesel and not allow the product to degrade due to poor transportation practices. We ensure there is a clear paperwork trail in place to ensure trace-ability and only use experienced staff.  If you have regular contract shipments of biodiesel or ad hoc or one-off shipments, we can help. We have a fleet of well equipped tanks containers, experienced drivers and access to a pool of sub-contractor drivers, who have worked with us for many years and have the experience to help, whatever your needs.

Animal Fats

We have licences to carry all grades of tallow and are registered with DEFRA to ensure full trace-ability of the loads they move. Transportation of animal by-products is tightly regulated in order to prevent the spread of diseases such as foot & mouth and BSE.  We have  tank containers that can move up to 35,000 litres of this product type, making it as cost-effective as possible for their customers to move this low-margin product.  We are experienced and fully compliant with the regulations that surround the movement of animal by-products and are registered with the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA).

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